5th NordicRAS Workshop

The 5th Workshop on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) was held at Estrel Congress Center, Berlin, Germany 7-8 October 2019 with 300 participants from 30 countries.

The NordicRAS workshop was held as a separate event back-to-back with Aquaculture Europe 2019 organised by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS).

The workshop was organised by the Nordic Network on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (NordicRAS) in cooperation with Technical University of Denmark (DTU Aqua).

Workshop sessions

  • RAS around the world
  • It all starts with feed - particles and how to remove them
  • Microbial water quality in RAS
  • RAS operations - experiences & challenges
  • Fish health & water quality in RAS
  • Harmful and helpful microbial processes in RAS

Invited speakers

  • Thue Holm, Atlantic Sapphire, Denmark: Miami Bluehouse, Homestead: current status and future plans
  • Trond Rosten, MOWI, Norway: RAS in Norway, Scotland, and Canada: challenges, experiences and future plans
  • Zhitao Huang, Ocean University of China, China: RAS in China
  • Clement Crouzet, Danish Salmon, Denmark: Savings in external carbon used for activated sludge denitrification of RAS aquaculture effluent using production sludge-COD as part of the carbon source
  • Bjørn Hovrud, Laksefjord AS, Norway: RAS experiences from Finnmark – solutions to the Arctic challenge
  • Marcus Stüeken, Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei, Germany: Pikeperch in RAS - experiences and challenges
  • Bram Rohnaan, Kingfish Zeeland, Netherlands: The challenges of raising yellowtail kingfish in marine RAS
  • Paul Midtlyng, NMBU, Norway: Nordic workshops on health and welfare of fish reared in RAS
  • Kjell Maroni, FHF, Norway: Knowledge holes – need to know or nice to know? Messages from the industry

Book of Abstracts

Download the Book of Abstracts of the workshop in 2019


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