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List of network members from NGO's and other types of members

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Name Title  Organisation Areas of interest 
Adeoye Samson Oluseyi
Mr. Infinito agro services, Nigeria Aquaculture and scientific research 
Andris Taubers

Private person, Latvia Aquaponics - RAS systems
Aleix Pinyol Gallemí
Mr. Private person, Denmark Biofiltration - Design and dimensioning - Filtration units - Fish health - Fish nutrition - Recirculating Systems
António Marques Aqua-Leader, Mozambique Aquaculture
Andre Bravo
Mr. Devonian Capital, Portugal Commercial farming - Investment opportunities - Market studies - R&D - Sector studies - Technology demonstration             
Arjun Bahadur Ranabhat
Mr. Peoples Access to Adequate Natural Infrastructures, Nepal

The NGO is working towards research and development of RAS in Nepal

Ashraful Alam
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Babaniyi Adekunle

Dr. Private person, Nigeria Mariculture of croaker fish - Tilapia aquaculture
Batcho Felix
Mr.  Private person, Nigeria
Hatching and rearing of fish from fingerlings
Binoy Bhaskaran
Mr.  Private person, India  RAS
Bonolo Bosaletse
Mr. FFFASA - Freshwater FinFish Farmers Association of South Africa, South Africa
Integrating freshwater finfish, duck and fruit tree production, and finding appropriate RAS systems for our members
Chand Basha
Mr. Private person, Norway Aquaponics - RAS
Chandra Shekar
  Private person, India Aquaculture Engineering Consulting (RAS & BIOFLOC) - System for inland fisheries

Technical sales, veterinarian

Kilic Holding, Greece
Biosecurity - RAS production - Trend 
Cobi Levanon CEO Private person, Israel RAS
D.W. van der Blom Mr. Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the Netherlands Aquaponic systems - RAS - wastewater management
Dario Israel García Medel
Mr. Red Mexicana de Acuicultura, Mexico
Aquaponic - Biofloc - Catfish - Recirculating - Tilapia - Trout 
Duong Van Hoang
Private person, Viet Nam
Aquaculture - Fish farm - RAS
Edgardo Ramirez Aquaculturist Granja Ecologica Pescavida, Puerto Rico RAS
Efthalia Arvaniti
Programme Manager
Submariner Network for Blue Growth EEIG, Germany
Network - Aquaculture - RAS -  Fish - Shrimps - Mussels - Algae - Business development -  Technology - Lobbying - Communication - Training
Franjo Jovic PhD, MChemEng Research Associate, Crotia Filtering systems
Geir Ingolf Strand
  Engeering/consultancy, Norway
Biology - Energy efficiency- Engineering - RAS - TAN
Gill Roland M.Sc. student Private person, Netherlands Economic RAS
Gordon Ashu Tambe Founder/M.Sc. F.O.N.E.A.D C.I.G, Cameroon  Use of recirculating aquaculture system for breeding tilapia and catfish species
Gudmundur Sólsker Gudbergsson
Wildebeest Holding ApS, Denmark

Aquaponics -  RAS - Sustainable food sourcing - Symbiotic farming
Guillermo Marco Technician Private person, Argentina Aquaculture - Aquaponics - Recirculating aquaculture systems
Guranda Bagrationi
  Private person, Georgia Recirculating aquaculture - Water quality - Diseases - Welfare
Hamid Reza Mojtabavi
Sea Pioneers L.L.C., UAE
Seafood - Fish - RAS
Hampton Carver
Mr. CarverCO, USA RAS hatchery and production facilities to serve the U.S. premium fin fish market
Hans Christian Knudsen
Cand Scient Aquaculture
Private person, Denmark Aquaculture - International sales - Recirkulation
Hans Sandholt
  Private person, Sweden  RAS in general 

Hatem Hassan Mohamed

Mr. Private person, Egypt

Aefinorst - Bio remediation of water for aquaculture uses -  Tilapia aquaculture

Ismail Yousef Livestock and aquaculture division manager Dakahlia Group, Egypt  Aquaculture
Ismail Youssef Mohamed Elsayed
Aquaculture Consultant
Vet Aid Consultations, Egypt
Jaime Russell

Aquaculture adviser 

Private person, Chile Aquaculture recirculation
Jan Kappel Secretary General
European Anglers Alliance (EAA), Belgium
General interest in RAS - Sustainable fish farming
Jason Bailey
Dr.  Vattenbrukscentrum Ost, Sweden 

Aquaculture - Fish farming - Mussel farming - RAS - Research - Vattenbruk

Jesús Rubio Mr. Aquaponic systems, Spain Aquaculture and aquaponic systems
John Nkume
Mr. Helo Tilapia Fish Farm, Malawi
Africa - Investment - Funding - Malawi - Recirculating Aquaculture
Jorge Suarez Diaz Architect IMPULSO, Spain MegaRAS
Juan Pablo Mokfalvi Biochemist Private person, Argentina      Fish production - Vaccines
Junpiao Zheng
Mr. DECO International Ltd, China
Khamsi Hanane Mrs.   Private person, Morocco Aquaculture
Krit Rojanarungruengporn
Mr. Private person, Thailand RAS

Lars Eriksson

Mr. Private person, Sweden Fish farming
Mr. Farming, Private person, India Fish farming - RAS - Shrimp farming
Marco Frederiksen
Acting Director
Eurofish International Organisation, Denmark

Marcus Clemitson Mr. Atlantic salmon, South Africa Clean Energy - RAS Technology
Martynas Greviskis
  Private person, Lithuania
Anguilla - Aquaculture - Eel - RAS
Mathias Olsson
Mr. Private person, United States Aquaponics - RAS
Matthias Mahnke Dipl.-Ing. agr. / M.Sc.
REX-M, Germany
Industrial scale M-RAS
M.D. Harun
Mr. Örebro University, Sweden
Michael Luther
IFPR, Nigeria / Sweden
Marine biology technics
Michael R. Andersen
  Private person, Denmark
Milthon Lujan Monja Aquaculture Biologist Aqua Center SRL, Perú Aquaponics - RAS
Mina Youhana Mr. Private person, Finland Future establishment of small RAS in Finland
Mohamed Sadok Krifa CEO MSK co Medi shrimp & Krustacean MSK, Tunisia RAS system investment in Tunisia (shrimp, kingfish)
Mohammad Faruk Hossain
Mr. Private person, Bangladesh RAS in Bangladesh
Mohandas Kini
CEO Private person (Xpectra Polymer Concepts), India Crab farming in stacked box through RAS

Private person, Iran RAS
Munnaiah Tamanam
  C Fish Aqua Farms, India
Nils Höglund
Fishery Policy Officer
Coalition Clean Baltic, International NGO based in Sweden
Alternative AqC feeds - Aquaponics - RAS
Patricia Apablaza
Fish Health Program, Norway Fish health - Fish welfare - Prevention of diseases
Peter Fica  Manager SC FIDO CABLE SYSTEMS SRL, Romania  Aquaculture - RAS
Peter Steinbach Consultant engineer Private person, Germany Broodstock management - Fish feeding - Fish reproduction - Main intrest: Sturgeon, perch, pike perch - Rearing - Ongrowing - Weaning to dry feed - Working with differnt RAS for 40 years
Praveen Vunnam
  Private person, Sweden
Small scale RAS farming 
Preslava Lazarova-Dushkova Mr. Aquaculture RAS, Bulgarai RAS farming
Rafik Shahib VM
Farmer Private person, India Sea bass in freshwater inland culture
Raghavendra Mysore
Postdoctoral researcher
Private person, Finland  RAS aquaculture system
Ragnheidur Inga Thorarinsdottir Manager Svinna Engineering Ltd and University of Iceland, Iceland Aquaponics - Local ingredients for fish feed - Multitrophic Aquaculture - New species in Aquaculture
Randy Kowalczyk Mr. Private person, USA RAS
Raquib Quasem
Mr. Private person, Quasem Group, Bangladesh RAS Fish Farm
Rubens Romano

Private person, United States
Saddam Mahmoud Saad
Mask Farming & Agro Processing Ltd, Uganda
Agro processing - Aquaculture - Farming - Food preservation - Food security
Saleh Awadh
  Private person, Tanzania
Fish farm development near Dar es-Salaam city
Shah Rukh Shamsi Private person, Pakistan Recirculating aquaculture system
Shamimul Islam Mr. Private person, Bangladesh Interested in RAS for soft shell crab and tilpia - Plan to introduce RAS on 80 acre fish farm
Sourabh Shrivastava
  Private person, Germany
Suresh Kumar Savaram

Private person, USA RAS
Svetlina Pencheva

Private person, USA Salt water shrimp farming
Søren Skovgaard
Bachelor of Maritime Operations and Technology
Denmark Aquatic Science and Technology - Marine aquaculture - RAS

Tan Kay Heok

Chief Scientific Officer
Marine life aquaculture PTE LTD, Singapore  RAS

Tesfatsion Foto

Mr. Private person, Eritrea Aquaculture - Aquatic ecology - Carp - Catfish - Freshwater fisheries - Gold fish -Tilapia
Theodor Gams
MSc, Founder, Board Member, Project Mgr.
Gemeinnuetzige Stiftung CHARIS, Austria
 RAS fish farm - RAS with agriculture - College in East Africa 
Thomas Moyle
Private person, Australia
Aquaculture Australia - Innovation - RAS - System Design
Tim Pfeiffer Aquaculture Engineer H&H Engineering, USA Recirculating aquaculture system
Timothy Tan Dr. School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Hatchery and broodstock management - Live foods development for hatchery systems - Recirculating aquaculture system
Tomasz Tokarski Investor Private person, Poland Pike-perch farming
Valentin Eckart
M.Sc.  BioCon Valley GmbH, Germany
Aquaponic - Baltic - Innovation - RAS - Sustainability
Victor Hugo Azevedo Carneiro Mr. Private person, Brazil Ornamental fish - RAS - Tilapia culture
Mr.  Private person, India Recirculating aquaculture on Seabass/Baramundi
Vytautas Jasiunas Entrepreneur Private person, Finland RAS economics
William Azanza
Ing. Acuacultor
Private person, Ecuador Aquaculture
William Vossgård Student and Technical Manager
DTU, Denmark and Norwegian Mountain Salmon, Norway
Student at DTU and technical manager for developing two hybrid flow-through facilities in Norway
Yasseen Owaidat Director of technical studies ANAF, United Arab Emirates
General interest in RAS system
Zekeriya Aydin
Mr. Private person, The Netherlands

Aquaponics - Permaculture - Vermiculture

Øystein Falch

Senior Business Consultant

Inocap, Norway

RAS: Finance - Fish biology and performance - Economics - Market opportunities - Risks and risk management - Technology
21 APRIL 2024