List of network members from the industry

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Name Title  Organisation Areas of interest 
Adelard "Ed" Cayer Founding Partner LifeCycle Biologics Developments, Canada Eco-industry development and investment partnerships in RAS aquaculture, horticulture, phycology, insect, renewable energy and water management
Alejandro Rojas Director  ARMpro Limitada, Chile RAS facilities 

Alen Basco

Business Development Officer
Red Devil Heater Technologies, Canada
Recirculating Aquaculture System Latest Development

Alexander Falk

  Swedegg AB, Sweden
Aquaculture RAS 
Alexander Rose Founder / MSc WATER proved, Germany Engineering - Filtration - RAS design - Water monitoring systems
Ali Shafeeg
Managing Director
Ali Shafeeg, Tha-Hirimaldives PVT. LTD, Maldives  Grouper hatchery - Grow-out production - RAS tropicalized 
Allan Haavapuu
RAS Management support
AKVA group Denmark A/S, United Arab Emirates
RAS management 
Anders Isven Consultant EXGM, Sweden RAS fish farming
Andre Pechura CEO Ratz Aquakultur, Germany Drum filter - Filtration technology - Foam fractionators - Random Media - Tanks
Anne-Marie Truelsen
B.Sc. bioproces / Sales Engineer
Fagerberg, Analysis team, Denmark Analysis - Laboratory equipment - Online monitoring 
Aryan Dawody

DF Aquaculture Capital Limited, United Kingdom
Aquaculture engineering - Energy efficiency - Zero water exchange design and production system
Astrid Holan Buran Senior Advisor AquaOptima, Norway Closed containment systems - Fish welfare - Membrane filtration - Particle removal - RAS - Technology - Salmon - Water treatment - Water quality
Bharat Chandra
  Pal Greentech, India
Shrimp cultivation through RAS
Bart Zwart
Project manager
Aquaculture, Consultancy and Engineering, Nederlands
Aquaculture - Consultancy - Construction - Customized project design - Project Management
Behrooz Gilanpour Managing Director Ozone Tech Systems OTS AB, Sweden Enhanced solids removal - Improved water quality - Microbiological reduction - Ozone Technology in RAS systems 
Bengt Gunnarsson 

Project Engineer

Rena Hav, Sweden Salmon and shellfish
Bondada S Rao
Head - Marine Agriculture
National Aquaculture Group, Saudi Arabia
Algae - Artemia - RAS - Shrimp
Brian Park
Deputy Manager
MyungSun Co. Ltd, South Korea
RAS with salt water technology: design, operating, good products 
Bruce Wright CEO Hawkestone holdings, Australia RAS
Børge Nilsen Fredriksen
Clinical Scientist
Pharmaq, Norway 
Laboratory - Warm water species
Børge Takvam
Production Manager
AS Sævareid Fiskeanlegg, Norway
Carles Pellicer
Process Manager Veolia Water Technologies - Hydrotech, Sweden Optimization of drumfilter operation - Particle separation in RAS and intake water applications
Carsten Poulsen Project Sales Manager Daniit A/S, Denmark Aquaculture general - Automation business and project handling -  Energy saving - Integration to ERP systems - Land based RAS systems - Live business data and KPI´s - Modular design - MS Dynamics, and others - Remote control from iPad - SAP - Waste water systems
Cécile Roux

Green'elle, France
Aquaponic commercial dimensioning
Cesar Antonio Oyarzo S. Sealand Aquaculture A.S., Chile  Freshwater areas - RAS
Chris Clayburn
  Aqua EcoSystems B.V., The Netherlands
Bio-planning - Design - Engineering - Planning - RAS 

Christian Catcoparco Salazar   Spena Fish Aquacultura, Perú Aquaculture - Cryopreservation of gametes in aquaculture - Nutrition in Aquaculture - Reproduction in Aquaculture - Water Recirculation Systems
Christine Kathenes
  Grieg seafood, Shetland
Feeding - Super smolt - Water quality
Christopher Hundesdoerfer
Director Reliant Installations Ltd, UK

Supply and installation of glass fused to steel sectional bolted steel storage tanks (15 - 15,000 cu.m volume)

Claes Lundberg 
Part owner
SmögenLax Aquaculture AB, Sweden
RAS technology and development
Craig Selkirk
Senior Manager Freshwater Tassal Group, Australia Bacteriology - Carbon - Dioxide - Hydrogen - Sulphide - Post smolt 
Dan Johansson Sales Manager Primozone Production AB, Sweden Ozone systems for RAS lines
Dan Kristian Larssen
Atlantic Lumpus AS, Norway

Saltwater RAS

David Erlandsson
Sales Director
Aliga ApS, Denmark
Production of fresh and frozen microalgae paste, freeze-dried powder and crude algae oil for hatcheries, aquafarms and aquafeed manufactures
David Fletcher Dr. RAS Aquaculture Research Ltd, UK Development of marine RAS technology as applied to finfish and high value crustacea e.g. Palinurus elephas and Panilurus homarus
David Grumsten Owner of Sweden Shrimp Farm Sweden Shrimp Farm, Sweden Shrimp farming in Sweden and Europe
David Hegarty
Mr. Scottish Sea Farms Ltd, Scotland
Freshwater smolt productionRecirculating aquaculture systems
David Mitchell
General Manager Freshwater Operations
Huon Aquaculture Group Ltd, Australia  Degassers - Micro filtration - Oxygenation - Ozonation - Photoperiod control - Smolt production
David Stenman
PhD, MSc
CDEng AquaCulture AB, Sweden
Aquaculture RAS process engineering
Diana Waage
MD, Partner
Lantfisk AB, Sweden
Fresh water - Circular systems - RAS 
Didier Leclercq Director ACUI-T, France Biofiltration - Degassing - Oxygenation - Ozone applications - Pumps
Donaat Mortelmans
Bio - engineer
Trevi NV, Belgium
Cyprinids - Freshwater aquaculture species - Recirculating aquaculture systems 
Douglas Low
  Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Norway
Feed - RAS systems - Salmon - Shrimp - Technology
Edgardo Ramirez President Power Plant Industrial Services Inc., Puerto Rico Aquaponic systems
Einar Rune Vinningland
Project Manager
Jutland Group APS, Denmark
Aqua seafarm - Land location with salt seawater
Endre Jenssen

Sales Manager Smolt

Alsaker Fjordbruk, Norway
Salmon fry and smolt production - Water qualities

Erin Meehan

Sales & Business Development Europe, Africa, Middle East PCI Gases, USA On-site Oxygen Generators using Vacuum Swing Adsorbtion (VSA) Technology

Farah Manji

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland, UK
Salmon farming
Frederic Gaumet PhD / Business Development Manager Krüger Kaldnes, Norway Consultancy services including feasibility studies and assessments - Bioplanning - Development of RAS complete solutions - Fish Physiology and RAS management (freshwater to seawater, cold to tropical, broodstock and hatcheries to grow out) - Starting up/commissioning/staff training tutorials - Supervision of implementation - Water treatment process design
Fredrik Indebetou
WA3RM AB, Sweden
Business development - Feed - Investment - Market
Frode Mathisen Director Biological Performance and Planning Grieg Seafood ASA, Norway Operating several freshwater RAS for Salmon - Systems for salt water operations under construction
Gary E. Miller
President Advanced Aquacultural Technologies Inc., USA
Biological filtration
Geir Wilhelm Wold
Director Vesteraalens AS, Norway
Engineering - Filtration - RAS design - Water monitoring systems
George D. Mantas Business Development Manager AquaBioTech Group, Malta RAS
Gerd Teunissen
M.Sc. INTERAGUA, Lda., Portugal
Aeration systems - Equipment (tanks, pumps, filters) - Hatchery - Tilapia all male broodstock

Gerrit Quantz

Dipl.-Biologist Futurefish Aquaculture Consultancy, Germany Automation of live feed cultures - Biosecure shrimp pond systems - Denitrification reactors - Indoor shrimp recirc systems - Marine and freshwater RAS for fish - RAS hatchery systems
Gitte Christensen
Founder AquaProcess Aps, Denmark Aquaculture in general - Landbased RAS for salmonids - Nutrition for RAS,
Greg Beckman Senior Project Manager Water Management Technologies, USA Development of RAS systems for WMT clients
George Williams
Fish farmer Akosombo Fish Farmers Association, Ghana
Cage culture - RAS
Gonzalo Morales
Mechanical Engineer
Gonzalo Morales, Columbia
Aquaculture - RAS

Hadi Zokaeifar 

PhD Company of Marine fish culture of Ramooz, Bushehr, Iran Aquaculture - Barramundi - Biotechnology - Microbiology - RAS - Seabass
Harm Kampen   Ir Silt B.V., Sliedrecht Off flavor in Seriola lalandi (yellowtail kingfish)
Hasan Pehlivan  Private person Fisheries Technology, Equipments, Turkey Aquaculture - RAS systems
Helge Ressem Manager Profunda AS, Norway  Recirculation in salt water
Henrik Dam Pedersen
Managing Director

Cowex A/S, Denmark

Innovative technologies for RAS - Recirc control systems - Sensor systems for water quality and control 
Henrik Grundvig General Manager Hydroson AS, Norway Aquaculture engineering - Gasses in water - RAS -Water treatment - Water quality 
Henrik Pedersen

Product Manager

Brenntag, Denmark


Holger Eriksson
Company owner Falkung, Sweden
Crayfish export 
Ian McIntyre
Dr  Niri AS, Norway
Ingfrid Slaatto Næss
Business developer/Veterinarian
Vesteraalens AS, Norway
RAS landbased fish production
Ingrid Lupatsch Dr. AB Agri Ltd, UK Bioenergetics - Bioremediation - Digestibility - Ingredient evaluation - Nutrition and feed formulation - Quantification of fish growth, feed intake and waste production - Quantification of protein and energy needs 
Ivar Warrer-Hansen Head of Business Developments Inter Aqua Advance, Ireland Cost effectiveness - RAS performance and management
Jacek Juchniewicz Aller Aqua, Poland Technology
Jake Leffler
Account Manager Arizon Building SystemsUnited States  Indoor Aquaculture Structures
Jaime Orelana

Erwin Sander GmbH, Germany

RAS technology - Protein skimmer - Ozone 

Javier Pinedo

RD Manager
APRIA Systems S.L., Spain
Advanced water treatment processMarine RAS
Jazaer Dawody
Dr. Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture B/O DF Aquaculture Capital, Grenada
Aquaculture engineering - Energy efficiency - Zero water exchange design and production system
Jens Knudsen
Production manager
Sashimi Royal, Denmark
Rec salt/freshwater
Jesper Heldbo PhD, Head of secretariat AquaCircle, Denmark  AquaCircle is an association for companies, knowledge institutions and private persons with interest in RAS. We urge to develop technology and knowledge to pave the way for the next steps on the road to sustainable, energy efficient, animal friendly aquaculture
Jim Murphy Senior Hatchery Manager Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd, Canada Smolt production
Johan Kraft
Product Manager Unisense A/S, Denmark
RAS instrumentation and sensing
John-Are Freland

Biological Controller

AquaGen, Norway
Jonas Nilsson Marketing Eko-fisk, Sweden Fish farming based on RAS technology
Jorge Murria de las Heras Manager INGESOM, Spain Automation for inland aquaculture facilities - Integration of all control elements of inland fish farms
Jukka Kuivaniemi  Fish Farmer Dellenlax AB, Sverige  Fish farming Recirculation - RAS
Jürgen Bischhaus
Sales & Marketing Manager
Primozone Production, Sweden
Ozone systems for RAS systems, both fresh water and sea water
Jørgen Borthen
Norwegian Seafood Center, Norway
Economy - Growth - Mortality
Kasper Janssen M.Sc. Silt B.V., The Netherlands Marine hatcheries - Nutrition - RAS
Kilian Landsch
  Danish Salmon, Denmark
Energy consumption - Feed - Feeding strategies - Feeding systems - Grading - Ongrowing
Kim Ekmann
Senior Scientist, Nutrition/Formulation
BioMar A/S, Denmark
Recirculation feeds for salmonids and raw materials
Klemet Steen
RAS/Freshwater Manager
Lerøy Seafood Group, Norway
Lars Bach Production Manager Biofarm Aps, Denmark
Member of RAS Committee, Danish Aquaculture Association
Leon Claessens Manager Aquaculture farming technology, The Netherlands RAS shrimp systems - Shrimp recirculating systems
LI Jia Ke Director Guangzhou Lanling Aquaculture Equipment Co., Ltd, China Recirculating aquaculture equipments
Lina Lundborg
PhD (chemistry)
CDEng Aquaculture, Sweden
Fish farming - Fish waste - Food marketing - HACCP
Lynne Frame
  Scottish Sea Farms, Scotland

Fish health - New Technology - RAS - Water quality

Louise Buttle Senior scientist EWOS Innovation, Norway Feed and raw materials in RAS systems
Maddi Badiola Amillategui

Co-founder / PhD

HTHaquametrics llc, Spain

Energy efficiency - Life Cycle Assessments - Sustainability as a whole - Technology development
Magnus Michelsen
Operations assist
Snaptun Frysehus A/S, Denmark
Energy efficiency - Gasses in water - Land based RAS - Water quality
Marcin Juchniewicz Mr. Fish Farm K2, Poland Biofilter performance - Sludge handling - Use of desinfectants - Water quality
Marco Prütz
  Aller Aqua Research, Germany
Fish feed - Research
Maren Mommens
Research Scientist
AquaGen, Norway
Margrethe Kosmala

Sales Director

RIA AQUATECHy, Proagria, Denmark
Equipment  - Land based systems - Recirculation
Mari Hara
Senior Manager
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan
Mark Rigby
Dr. Llyn Aquaculture Ltd, UK

Aquaculture - Bioremediation- Bass - Barramundi - Biofloc - Closed systems - Carp - Charr- Clams - Denitrification - Ems - Eel - Fish - Gilthead sea-bream - Hatchery - Integrated systems - Litopeneus - Marine - Oysters - Peneus - RAS - Recirculating Systems - Shrimp - Sole - Seabass - Turbot

Mari Hara
Manager Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan
Biological water treatment systems 
Margus Rebane
CEO Överumans Fisk AB, Sweden
RAS technology and development - Trout farming
Marke Antonsen General Manager Omega Aqua Marine Ltd, Canada  RAS system technology and any new science or technology associated with RAS
Martin Vestergaard Production Manager AquaPri, Denmark RAS and pike perch
Martin Winkel
Head of Group
Danish Fish Tech Group c/o Danish Export Association, Denmark
Export network for suppliers to the international aquaculture, fisheries and processing industries - Organization of export promotions abroad as well as networking activities in Denmark
Matilda Olstorpe AgrDr / CEO Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, department of Microbiology / Vegafish AB Biofloc - Feed development - Microbial protein feed - RAS for shrimp and fish production
Mats Rodin
Owner Rodin Information Services AB, Sweden
Landbased RAS
Maxia Marco
Central Life Support  Tecniplast spa, Italy 
RAS - zebrafish
Meunier Dr. med. vet. Vetofish, France Fish disease in aquaculture and aquarias
Michael Bech
Dr., Project Developer Krüger AS, Denmark

Aquaculture - Intelligent control - Grow out systems - RAS 2020 - Recirculation technology - Water treatment - Waste water treatment

Michael Chorske
Managing Partner
Emergent Holdings LLC, USA

Atlantic salmon - Biofiltration - Disease - Personnel - Suspended solids - RAS

Mikael Björk PhD Ljusterö Lax o Gös AB, Sweden Pikeperch farming in RAS
Mohammad Izadi
Protein Gostar Sina Co., Iran
Aquaculture - Asian sea bass - Cage culture - Trout
Mohandas Kini CEO Xpectra polymer concepts, India

Soft shell crab culture with RAS in stacked plastic boxes

Mordi Laloush   Aquatech Fisheries, Israel
Denitrification hatcheries technology 
Morten Miller
Product Specialist
Mycometer A/S, Denmark
Bacteria - Biology - HACCP - Process control - Rapid methods  
Nathan Brown
Managing Director
CNE AS, Norway Biomass removal - CO2 removal - Disinfection - Gas management - Fresh water production 
Neil Stallard
Mr. Zini Fish Farms, South Africa Marine finfish ornamentals - Marine RAS - Probiotics 
Nelson Fonseca
Global Market Development Manager - Aquaculture
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Canada
Technologies and expertise for water related solutions in RAS industry
Nier I. Spielberg
VP Industrial Div.
Filtersafe Ltd., Israel
Automatic self cleaning filters - Solids removal 
Nils-Ole Klevjer
Site Manager/Construction Manager
Freshwater Site Nordheim,Marine Harvest, Norway 
Ninni Petersson
Marinbiologist, CEO
Flocazur AB, Sweden
Noelia Rodriguez
Freswater Fish Health and Welfare Manager
Scottish Sea Farms Ltd., Scotland
Fish health - Nutrition - Post smolt - RAS - Salmon production 
Ola Öberg CEO Svensk Fiskodling AB, Sweden

Perch - Pikeperch - RAS - Urban Aquaculture

Ole Christian Norvik
Managing Director
Atlantic Sapphire Denmark, Denmark
Grow out - Landbased farming - RAS
Ole Enggaard Pedersen Founder / CEO Aquatec Solution A/S, Chile

Innovation of low cost technology for removal of organics, P, N, CO2 and NO3 and low water consumption in RAS - Supplier of turn-key RAS for fresh -and seawater as well as general equipments for landbased aquaculture

Orhan Uyan Dr. GAZ-LAB LTD, Turkey Colloboration - Construction - Design – Equipments - Market extention
Ove Nodland
Executive Vice Chairman
Nordic Indistrial Park (Ningbo) Co. Ltd, China  Considering RAS in China
Oystein Barsnes
Developer Green Marine Development, Norway
Development - Filtration - Research
Paul Harrison Ph.D., Executive Director - Business Development Mainstream Aquaculture, Australia Barramundi - Commerce - Economics - Production Management - RAS - Selective breeding
Paul Hundley
Project Manager/Engineer
HTH aqua group, USA Consulting - Design - Planning
Paw Petersen Director OxyGuard International A/S, Denmark Complete RAS monitoring and control systems - Dissolved oxygen probes - Hand held DO meters -Monitoring and control equipment - Water quality measuring
Pedro Gómez
APRIA Systems S.L., Spain
Marine RAS - Advanced water treatment process
Peeter Poldaru
Mr. RAS fishfarm, Osel Harvest LTD, Estonia
RAS fish farming
Per Persson Managing Director Carapax AB, Sweden Shellfish farming
Peter Bahrs
  Attilus GmbH, Germany
Caviar - Recirculation - Sturgeon - Wastewater treatment
Peter Gross Fish farmer Fischzucht Gross, Germany Farming of sturgeon fertilised eggs 
Peter Newman Consultant Exotic Fish Farm (UK) Limited, United Kingdom Fry production - Grouper production - Research Equipment - Salt water RAS filtrations
Peter Wakefield

Uphold Trade and Invest Pty Ltd, UK

Aquaculture - Farming - Genetics - Nutrition - RAS systems

Peter Østergård Veterinarian  Sp/F, Faroe Islands Fish health and welfare - RAS
Pål Tangvik
Freshwater Production Manager
Scottish Sea Farms LTD, UK
Energy efficiency Post smolt Reliable technology
Ramon Kourie
Mr.  SustAqua Fish Farms, South Africa

Bioenergetics and feeding methodologies - Bio-programming - Design - Fish nutrition - Production modeling - RAS engineering

Rasmus Buchardt Sørensen
Business Developer
Port of Hanstholm, Denmark
To get involved in RAS projects and development especially in the port area of Hanstholm where two RAS are currently operating 
Regunathan Dr., Senior Manager National Aquaculture Group, Saudi Arabia Marine RAS
Reidar Aksnes Fish farmer Daafjorden Klekkeri AS, Norway RAS technology
Rene Remmerswaal
RAS specialist
Aquaculture Consultancy and Engineering, Nederland
Construction - Design - Equipment - RAS - Recirculation aquaculture systems
Richard Martin
CEO Water ApS, Denmark Ozon - UV
Riitta Myyrä
Fish biologist
Clewer Aquaculture Oy, Finland
Behaviour - Biology - Nutrition - RAS
Rob van de Ven Aquaculture Engineer LandIng Aquaculture BV, Netherlands AquaponicsEnergy-efficient RAS - HVAC - 
Roger Kitchin
Principal Civil Engineer
Aptum Inc., USA
Civil and structural design of fish rearing facilities including recirculating aquatic systems
Roger Marøy
Reginal salgssjef, Aqua, Norway  Gråkjær, Norway Aquaculture RAS, landbased fishfarming
Ross Briggs
  Fresh By Design, Australia
Biofilter optimisation - Biosecurity - Broodstock - Hatchery productionNew technology and species - Photoperiod - Water quality control
Rune Sandvik
General manager
Erko Settefisk AS, Norway
Seawater RAS
Ruud Vandenberg Sales Manager Coppens International, Netherlands High quality fish feed - Starter feed - RAS feeds
Ruud van de Ven
Account Manager
VGE International B.V., Netherlands
Disinfection - Ozone - UV equipment 
Sajjadur Rahman Director Development
GW RAS Fish Tech, Bangladesh
International marketing Machineries 
Samuel Walsh
  FTN Aquaart, Switzerland  Coaching - Construction - Consulting - Design - Development - Engineering - Feed -RAS
Saravanan Subramanian 
Skretting AS, Norway
Feed - Nutrition - Physiology
Sergio Devesa
RAS - Sole - Solea sp.
Siri Tømmerås 
Product Manager freshwater and smolt
Skretting AS, Norway
Feed and feed ingredients - RAS - Smolt production
Søren Quist Frandsen
Business Developer 
Uponor, Denmark Manufacturing - Supply - Project developing - RAS
Steen Bovbjerg External Sales Engineer
Grundfos, Denmark
Fuldline pump supplier for aquaculture - Specialist in RAS (freshwater and saltwater)
Stefan Askbrant Senior Research Scientist BIODYNAMIX, Sweden Permit licensing of industrial RAS in compliance with national & international standard - Rural sustainable development of nature resources with welfare
Stephan Neumayer
Senior Manager Business Development
Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Germany Biofilm removal - Disinfection - Nitrification - Off-flavour reductionWater treatment
Stig Ove Johansen
CEO Normex AS, Norway

Ozone disinfection - Ozone micro floculation and flotation in RAS system - Razone - Water and wastewater treatment

Svein Martinsen
CEO MoreFish AS, Norway Aquaponics - Closed containment systems - Lumpfish - Sludge removal - Water quality measurements
Taner Bilgic
Engineering Manager
MAT Filtration Technologies, Turkey
Land based fish farming of sea and fresh water species - MEP servicesRAS equipment
Thomas Parker
Co-founder WA3RM AB, Sweden
Aquaponics - Development - Heat - Industry - Investment - Nutrient recycling
Tao Yang General Manager Qingdao Hishing Smart Equipment CO.,LTD., China
Tapio Kiuru Development Director Arvo-Tec Ltd., Finland Feeding technology - RAS farming and technology - Online water quality monitoring
Thomas Bakke
Managing Director
Seafood People AS, Norway
Consulting - RAS - Recruitment - Research - Sustainability
Thomas Madsen
  Fagerberg A/SDenmark
Online measurement - Optimization
Tim Pfeiffer
Research Director
Aquculture Systems Technology, USA

Biofilters - Polygeysers - RAS

Trond W. Rosten
Group Manager Freshwater and Closed Production Technology   Marine Harvest ASA RAS FW and SW S-CCS
Toumazanis Antonis Mr. Selonda SA, Greece
Tuomas Nissilä Fish Farm Supervisor Sybimar Oy, Finland Aquaculture - Recirculatory systems
Victor Khmelnitskiy
 Victor Khmelnitskiy, Russia
RAS design and development
Vojko Andjelic Fish farm owner Klaster za marikulturu (HGK), Slovenia/Croatia

RAS for seriola, seabass and seabream

Volker Pott
Marine Harvest, Norway
Salmon - Water quality 
William Peeters Mr. Cervetec, Belgium RAS - Shrimp - Sturgeon
Worasit Prommee Managing Director Asia Tropic Zone Co.,Ltd., Thailand Certified live fish exporter from Thailand - Production of coldwater fish and food fish to overseas farming such as RAS, Aquaponics, and Ocean cages
Xavier Vidal Manager EmauxEurope Water technology equipment
Yu-Fen Chang
  Badger Explorer ASA, Norway
Pump separation
Zhang Hesen Manager Qingdao General Aquatic Co., Ltd, China Marine Fish Hatchery - Recirculation Aquaculture System
Øystein Larsen
Aqua Sales Manager
 Alltech, Norway Feed - Fish health - Technology - Water quality
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