Governmental organisations

List of network members from governmental organisations

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Name Title  Organisation Areas of interest 
Cecilie Sviland Walde
Researcher Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway Diseases in RAS
Chandan Chetri
  National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), India
Fish seed - Hatcheries management - Intensive Aquaculture - Recirculating Aquaculture
Clas Mellby
Business Development
Uddevalla Municipality, Sweden
Establishment of RAS-business, especially aquaponics 
Digory Hulse Senior Technical Officer DPIPWE Biosecure Fish Facility, Australia Biofiltration - RAS - Salmon - Vaccine development
Dominic Marcotte
Engineer MAPAQ (Quebec Agriculture and Fisheries department), Canada
Aquaculture development - Biofiltration - Oxygenation - Recirculating aquaculture systems 
Gustav Basedow Aquaculture Engineer Regierung von Oberbayern, Germany / Bavaria IMTA - Marine and freshwater aquaculture - New species development – RAS - Zooplankton, copepods, makroalgae and marine agriculture
Hanne Nilsen
Veterinarian / Researcher
Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
Fish bacteriology - Fish diseases
Henner Neuhaus Dr. med. vet. Institute for Fish and Fishery Products, Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany Animal welfare - Control of fish diseases in RAS - Food safety - Management of hygiene
Jani Pulkkinen
Research scientist Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland Environmental impacts - Microbes in RAS Online water quality monitoring - Water quality
Juan Battaglia Aljaro DMV Dr., Veterinary medicine doctor
SANIPES, Perú Aquaculture - Aquaculture promotion - Aquaponics - Commercial farms - Fish farming - Trout culture - Tropical  commercial farms
Ms. Directorate of cold water fisheries, DCFR-ICAR, India
Cold water fisheries research - common diseases - Freshwater rainbow trout
Krishnakumar Menon
Mr.  Department of President's Affairs, United Arab Emirates
Grouper - Marine finfish hatchery - RAS - RAS grow-out
Kristaps Pilskalns
Senior Desk Officer
Ministry of Agriculture, Latvia Fisheries - Policy development
Mizanur Rahaman Fisheries Officer Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh Land based profitable fish & prawn/shrimp culture
Owolabi Folashade

Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi, Nigeria Aquaculture - Value added products - Value chain
Peder Andreas Jansen
Senior Adviser
The Research Council of Norway, Norway
Aquaculture - Research
Thomas Bjerre Larsen
  Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark
Administration - Biofilter - Conversion rate - Feed - FREA - Marine farms - Model farms - Nitrogen - Nutrients - Rainbow trout - RAS - Salmon 
Veronica Andrén
Aquaculture coordinator
Swedish Board of Agriculture, Sweden
Aquaculture development - BAT/BEP - Legislation - Marketing
Vikas Pattath
Xiaotian Zhang Commercial Official Trade Council of Denmark, Denmark
Promote Danish RAS technology in China
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